Biomass is the sum of all natural raw materials of plant and animal origin per unit of volume. Drying is a process necessary both to ensure trouble-free long-term storage and as a preliminary stage of future production – for example pelleting. We mostly offer equipment for drying alfalfa, hay or wood. There are different types of dryers – specifically for drying baled alfalfa or hay, as well as multifunctional belt and drum dryers for drying bulk materials.

Alfalfa is an important source of nutrients, especially proteins and is a major component in the diet of many animals. Therefore, long-distance transport from production to consumption becomes necessary. We offer equipment for dehydration of alfalfa based on an industrial method with temperature control and maximum preservation of nutrients, as well as baling of finished product in special presses to achieve efficiency in transportation.


Baled alfalfa is easier to transport from the fields, but more difficult to dry than bulk alfalfa. However, there is a way to dry it enough to store it for longer. In order to achieve that, it must be collected under certain conditions and meet certain parameters.