INEA ENERGY provides technological design, delivery and installation of equipment for production of feed, fish food, pet food, cooking oil, etc.

Feed mills are a set of machines and equipment that are designed to meet the need for concentrated feed for livestock farms. Investors in feed mills get guaranteed quality and quantity of the produced feed, taking into account their capabilities for production location and capacity. Our feed mills are made according to tailor-made projects and in this way we make it possible for the investment to match the facilities the client needs. The capacity of the feed mills is from 300 kg/hour to 10,000 kg/hour, and the most frequently used ones are about 1000 to 2000 kg/hour. Depending on the needs of the farm we can offer different types of silos for storage of grain and other components, as well as finished products.

You are a stockbreeder?

Feeding is a key element in animal husbandry and in this sense the feed mill is the “heart” of the farm. We can conduct an on-site inspection and offer suitable equipment for feed production, taking into account your wishes in combination with the technical capabilities of the site.

Extrusion machines

Feed mill

Feed mills allow farmers to produce feed from their own raw materials, thus reducing the cost of feed. Computer control allows experimenting with different raw materials in different recipes, producing feed for different groups of animals without changing the main recipe. The feed mill allows you to select the appropriate equipment to optimize the efficiency of feeding – you can choose the method of processing (hammers, shafts) and the size (depending on the sieve) of grinding of the raw materials. The adding of premixes and other additives can be done manually or automatically.

You Grow Oilseeds?

The plant pressing technology includes high-efficiency screw presses in various configurations, perfectly regulated and optimized for individual applications.

Machines for the production of oil from oilseeds

Inea Energy Ltd is the official representative for Bulgaria of the companies FARMET for the OIL and FEED TECH division and HIMEL.