INEA ENERGY provides design, delivery and installation of solar systems for private and business clients.

Electricity is a key component and factor for all of us to have a good comfort of living. It is used to power almost everything in our environment – from telephones, TVs and stoves to pumps, cars and trains. Energy is a key resource and as such will always be in demand on the local and global market. Our company offers design, delivery and installation of a photovoltaic power plant, with which you can choose whether to sell electricity as a commodity or use it for your own needs, or a combination of both. We will evaluate the technological characteristics of your building and/or plot of land and can offer a solution according to the needs and technical capabilities.

Photovoltaic panels are mainly divided into polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels. They can be used depending on the specific conditions, but in recent years monocrystalline panels have become more common. It matters whether the panels are mounted on the ground or on roof surfaces, same for their orientation and location, which determine the importance of choosing the appropriate fasteners and construction. We will design a solution according to the specific parameters of the site. You can use spaces that are empty and unused and generate additional income from them.


For the installation of the photovoltaic installation, construction and installation activities are sometimes necessary, which require concrete foundations. Depending on the location we can offer construction by us or by local companies.